22 year old Anubhuti Gupta brims with life. Her clothing is a fusion of different cultures, her ability to see beyond what a person projects gives her imagination flight and her new found love for art helps her paint the ivory in patterns that are an extension of her world. Anubhuti loves to create fusion pieces that mix mandala and zentangles. Considering that this is all that she has learnt and discovered on her own is the icing on the cake. “There was a point in my life when I thought I cannot paint. I was in 3rd grade when my sister refused to help me draw a chart for my class. I was afraid that I might get punished by my teacher for not completing my assignment. So I had a fight with my sister and decided to paint the chart on my own. I thought a bad painting is better than no painting at all. When I completed the art assignment I realized the chart had turned out well and that’s when the realization came that yes I do have an artsy bone in my body” confesses Anubhuti.

While she realized that she could draw and paint, this never became her passion till much later in life. It was 2015 when a small push swung her towards a bigger ambition. It was then that Anubhuti joined a news website soon after completing her TV journalism course. A few months down the line she realized that the place wasn’t for her. There was emptiness, a lack of truth that was shrouding her being. So she quit her job and for one month was just at home jobless. But instead of wallowing in self pity she decided to express herself with pencil and colors that’s when the artist in her started bursting through the seams to be recognized by the world. “One month later I got another job. I was now much sorted, I would work and then create these art pieces whenever I found time. Art became like therapy for me” shares Anubhuti.

Her passion found praise in her new workplace as well. She got encouragement for her work from peers and some seniors even ordered paintings from her. What started as just a let out of emotion then has many admirers now. Her work as an artist is more a source of peace & accomplishment for her than monetary benefits.

To simply sit and watch Anubhuti play with pencil and sketch pen to create a hypnotic pattern is as much a delight for us as it is for her to paint. And looking at her I am just reminded of one line from my favorite film, ‘Training is nothing, will is everything.’

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