About us

When it is hard to give imagination a form, we step in to create something much more than your imagination. We add color & emotions with the help of our talented team to create a piece of art that is painted with your imagination and our skill. We are Ivory Imaginations, an art studio that takes pride in creating a number of commercial art pieces suited to every client’s taste & liking.

We started our journey in 2016 with the belief that all of us are born with a talent, a super power which some of us realize and some of us are yet to realize. It’s not the caped crusaders that awe us but the real heroes who beat the odds to follow their heart. Men & Women who do not follow the herd mentality but instead rise above it to realize their true potential, fighting their way through to emerge as the true passionate artists of life.

Ivory Imaginations is an attempt to bring to fore such artists who were born with the ability to see the world differently and create something new on the ivory sheet. So, we bring you the stories & works of untrained but self-taught and even the trained but unknown ones. You can get inspired by them, buy them or Share them and help us spread the message that we must realize our true calling and follow the heart, because that is what would truly bring us contentment.