Calm faces through the tides of time…that is how a layman would view the paintings made by untrained painter, Geetanjali Singh.

Married to an army officer Geetanjali’s life was that of a nomad, she travelled far and wide to distant places, made new friends every time and bid farewell to the old but her one constant companion through her journey was the canvas. It made her imagination fly, it didn’t matter if she was in Assam or Gujarat, Kashmir or Kanyakumari with the canvas in front of her and the palette in her hand she felt at home. When Ivory Imaginations got Geetanjali’s work we decided to understand her inspiration behind her creations.

“I come from a family of artists. My mother used to do craft work, my Grandfather was a writer, my maternal uncle a painter. As a child I was very interested in painting, I would stay up all night and paint yet I never used to feel tired. But studying used to exhaust me. I was never an academically brilliant child” Confessed Geetanjali during the interview.

It was during her childhood that Geetanjali found her mentor in her teacher. “Since I came from a family of artists I used to feel that everyone is an artist just like everyone is a bathroom singer” She laughs. “But then in my school my art teacher Syed Sir noticed my interest in painting. He would get me enrolled in any painting competition. I would win because painting was what I loved. I feel it is much easier to excel in things or subjects that naturally appeal to you or you have the talent for” Says Geetanjali.

Geetanjali considers herself an abstract painter but one can’t stop but notice that most of her paintings have a woman in it. “I feel women are the epitome of sacrifice. Women are like the tree who gave birth to a man but man is cutting the same tree that nourished him. I feel shaken and get disturbed when I hear about violence especially against women. I might be sitting miles away but my imagination transports me to that moment, I feel the pain and I let out the feelings as I paint.” Despite feeling the pain and anger, Geetanjali’s paintings of women showcase a certain calmness and strength. “That is because my mother is a very strong woman, I derive my strength from her and feel that every woman should have that strength to fight injustice” explains Geetanjali.

Geetanjali is currently in the city of Hyderabad. But every time Geetanjali has to shift base she gifts her painting to her friend, she hopes that her creations make them think about the calm that lies within and the strength that makes them deal with the ever-changing life.

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