He views the world from a different lens, he witnesses the inception of the thought, germination of the seed and also captures the world that changes with it. If you look at the beautiful pictures that Pune based Saurav Dutta has clicked you will find a different kind of detailing, which possibly comes from the mix of his passion & Profession. Saurav is a professional embryologist working in a medical center but a passionate photographer as well.

But how did a person staring away at all minute organisms through a microscope hold a different lens to view the world? Saurav shared his story with Ivory Imaginations. It was in school that Saurav realized his love for nature and capturing moments from it. Like every talented person Saurav too found a source of inspiration, for him it was his school friend Diptendu.

Deependu’s dad was a photographer and he too learnt the skills from his father, it was his encouragement that made Saurav realize this gift for capturing memories on camera. “I used to see photographs with colors and loved the details of every object in it” expresses Saurav who tried his hand at photography first with his friend’s camera but finally got his own at the age of 21. He proudly owns a Nikon D5100 which is his companion as he clicks some magnificent pieces. Such was his love for creating memories on film that he even learnt Adobe Photoshop on his own.

But through this journey he did not get much encouragement from his parents. His father who was employed at the Registrar office in a university always wanted his son to take up a job with a regular income. While Saurav worked towards fulfilling his father’s dreams he kept his alive too. In 2014 after a trip to the breathtakingly beautiful Andaman Nicobar Islands, Saurav got swept away by the beauty of nature and wanted to turn into a professional photographer, but his desires were met by a curt response back home. And Saurav started to live a life of a superhero….an embryologist for a part of the day and a photographer for the rest.

Saurav considers it his blessing that he has found an organization and people who support his passion. “My Senior Embryologist keeps telling me that I remind her of R. Madhavan in Rajkumar Hirani’s film 3 Idiots. I am pursuing a completely different profession while my true calling is photography” says Saurav about his senior in his Pune based organization.

If you hear about Saurav’s dreams you would realize that he has made peace with his current situation, but the photographer in him refuses to die so he continues to stretch his days and work through nights to fulfill what his heart truly desires. “My dream is to upgrade my camera & become a senior Embryologist” Says Saurav.

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